Gender Identity Curriculum in Virginia

This video discusses the debate surrounding public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia adding gender identity to their curriculum. The school board voted to add it in for grades 7 through 12 even though many parents disagreed. The following is the video:

Although this is a controversial topic to be discussed in schools, it is important that children learn about gender identity and sexual orientation while they are younger. If children are exposed to these ideas in their youth, they might be more tolerant and accepting as time goes on. It will also make people feel like they are able to come to terms with their true identity if they are questioning and create a more welcoming environment. As we see in our culture today, when gender identity is not incorporated, some individuals are narrow minded and not accepting of transgenders. It is important that we are educated as a society.

Hannah Geller

My name is Hannah Geller. I am a sophomore communications major on the public relations track at the University of Maryland. In this post, I will be discussing why gender identity is an important issue to me.

I think that it is necessary to study gender identity because sometimes the public misunderstands what gender identity is. People make assumptions before being fully informed.


To me, gender identity is important because I feel that every individual should be able to be their true self without being judged for it. I know many people who are transgender and I think that they deserve to be treated fairly, without criticism. Gender identity often comes with some sort of stigma and controversy, which I believe is unfair. Some people are intolerant of others who are transgender or might be questioning their gender identity and in my opinion, this is unacceptable. We need to do something as a society to progress and move forward. Our blog will be discussing this issue over the course of the semester!