The Christian Religion and Gender Identity: A Refutation

According to the Gospel Coalition, the Christian religion views people who do not associate with their gender identity assigned at birth as people who are experiencing gender dysphoria. The Church holds these beliefs because according to the bible, God made men and women different so it is philosophically impossible for a man to become a physical woman and vice versa. The article called “The Christian Response to Gender Dysphoria” defines this condition as the experiences of distress associated with the incongruence when one’s psychological and emotional gender identity does not match one’s biological sex.

By calling people who don’t identify with their biological sex “gender dysphoric” the Church is basically refusing to acknowledge these individual’s inner feelings and thoughts about their gender. Instead, the Church believes these people just falsely perceive their gender identity, making it seem as if they are deranged. The article goes on to say, “biblical counsel would begin by helping a person embrace that their birth sex is a testimony to their true birth sex.”


I feel that the ideals that the Christian religion holds about gender identity are completely wrong. Many people turn to religion when they are in times of struggling, and it is unjust that transgender people do not have the same freedom. Religious buildings are supposed to be safe spaces and transgender people should feel comfortable going to these places. If they were to seek help with their identity changes from the Church, their struggles would just become worse because the Church would not be able to validate or affirm the feelings that the transperson is struggling with. The church would tell these people that their feelings are a false perception and would try to persuade them to embrace the true gender they were born as. Instead, the Church should accept these people with compassion and sympathy because the transition for these individuals is difficult enough.


States that Prohibit Discrimination against Transgender People

The National Center for Lesbian Rights, recently published a report that lists all of the states that prohibit discrimination against Transgender people.

While there is still no federal law that prohibits discrimination against gender identity, 18 states currently have non-discrimination laws that protect against gender identity. This guide serves a break down of the different laws that each state offers for these people.



Sophia Fabian

My name is Sophia Fabian and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park and studying communication. Although I do not personally know anyone who struggles with gender identity, my younger brother has some friends that do.

My brother is very accepting of his friends, however I know that not everyone is as tolerant of them and their differences as he is. This topic is important to me because I think in this day and age it’s important that everyone has a better understanding of the challenges and issues that transgender people face so that hopefully, people can be more accepting of them.

The topic of gender identity has recently become very controversial on a state and federal level. It is necessary to openly talk about the issue of gender identity in order for people to have more tolerance for the transgender community and a better understanding of the issue. Progress on this issue can only be achieved if the bias and misunderstanding of gender identity is erased from society.