Sophia Fabian

My name is Sophia Fabian and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park and studying communication. Although I do not personally know anyone who struggles with gender identity, my younger brother has some friends that do.

My brother is very accepting of his friends, however I know that not everyone is as tolerant of them and their differences as he is. This topic is important to me because I think in this day and age it’s important that everyone has a better understanding of the challenges and issues that transgender people face so that hopefully, people can be more accepting of them.

The topic of gender identity has recently become very controversial on a state and federal level. It is necessary to openly talk about the issue of gender identity in order for people to have more tolerance for the transgender community and a better understanding of the issue. Progress on this issue can only be achieved if the bias and misunderstanding of gender identity is erased from society.


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